Marshall Ford — Full Stack Web Developer, DevOps Engineer, Hobbyist UI Designer

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About Me

Greetings, I am a Full Stack Web Developer and DevOps Engineer from the snowy state of Minnesota with a B.S. in Computer Science. As a developer I have a passion for a bit of everything including the ReactJS ecosystem, UI design, performant and scalable backends, and application security. On the operations side I focus on configuration management with Ansible, building cloud infrastructure with AWS, container orchestration with Kubernetes, and traditional Linux administration. Outside of development and operations I also have experience with managed services offerings, along with a mix of professional and hobbyist experience with server and desktop hardware.

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Have a question for me? Looking for my resume? Just want to chat? Shoot me an email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Recent Projects

Group Todo App

in progress

Full-stack todo app with shared todos. The main objective of this side project is to keep the domain simple and just learn. I plan to focus on; near real-time collaboration with websockets, roles and permissions/more complex SQL, and security best practices (saving passwords, verifying email addresses, resetting passwords, etc). The goal is to have a completely functional application including user onboarding.

Reverse Geocoder

demo coming soon

An open source RESTful web service for reverse geocoding. Supports fall-through providers, caching, multiple provider types, and more! Built with Node and Redis.

IBM Capstone - TensorFlow

source demo

This was group project for NDSU’s Capstone course. A team of students, including myself integrated one of Openstack’s object storage solutions into TensorFlow, a machine learning framework. The second more substantial piece of our project was a proof of concept machine learning model. The model was designed to predict if a change submitted to OpenStack’s Gerrit system would pass or fail the automated Jenkins tests.

NDSU Dining Menu - Web App

demo coming soon

A responsive mobile first web application for checking the NDSU dining menu. The goal of this project was to revamp the UX of the existing online menu which was slow and clunky. The front-end was built with ReactJS, Redux, and Moment amongst other libraries from within the React ecosystem. The back-end was built with Node/Express and performed the otherwise tedious job of scraping the existing menu every few hours. As a result of the scraping the app as a whole had some fairly complicated logic and time math spread throughout for showing the user the correct “current” meals.